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TWD has had the opportunity to collaborate with many wonderful clients, architects, artists and trades on a variety of residential interior design projects across the Country.  The firm’s priority is to improve each client’s fundamental experience of home.  We create interior design that nurtures the psychological and physical well-being of its’ inhabitants within a visually stand-out environment.  Clients value our special ability to focus on design factors that will make the biggest impact on their enjoyment of their space.
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Unique Living Room Design: Winnetka, IL

Published on 29 October 2013
Written by Terri Weinstein
Double Talk: Uniting two conversation areas in Winnetka, IL

In extensive renovations to an older home in Winnetka, IL, we maintained the original long, narrow living room. This room houses two distinct conversation areas divided by a central entry. Furniture arrangements, lighting and rugs define the two areas.  Several diverse patterns have been successfully integrated by changes in scale, common colors and floral themes, and common elements including color, sconces and window treatments tie the two spaces together. The fearless, bold hues especially appeal to the clients and their 3 young sons.
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