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TWD has had the opportunity to collaborate with many wonderful clients, architects, artists and trades on a variety of residential interior design projects across the Country.  The firm’s priority is to improve each client’s fundamental experience of home.  We create interior design that nurtures the psychological and physical well-being of its’ inhabitants within a visually stand-out environment.  Clients value our special ability to focus on design factors that will make the biggest impact on their enjoyment of their space.
Contact Terri today to explore how, together, you can transform your residence to maximize the comfort, productivity and pleasure your home can provide.


interior-design-collaborationAn exceptional result is achieved when client, architect, interior designer and lighting designer collaborate from the beginning of the project. This approach allows for seamless interface between the various layers of the project and lets us make necessary changes while the project is still on paper. It is also cost-effective, as it is always easier to erase a drawn line than to move a built wall. It's essential that the right hand know what the left is doing.

As interior designer, I vet each floor plan to determine possible furniture layouts, verifying that natural walking pathways will not interfere with conversation and ensuring that visual access to focal points like fireplaces, video screens and wonderful views won’t be interrupted.  In the drawing phase it's easy to correct any apparent issues.

After studying the available space, I help select kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures. Once these choices are made, we can be certain that enough square footage is allocated to each area, and determine the ideal layout to accommodate them. Making early choices of tile, stone, flooring, hardware, allows more time to make creative use of materials and to address details of installation. Closets and built-ins addressed at this juncture, when everything is still flexible ensure that appropriate space is allotted to accommodate requirements for storage and display.

Where this early exchange of ideas occurs, the design team is able to accommodate project requirements and identify/correct many potential future issues.  Often during this phase the design team finds a common language for the project as well.

A second area of collaboration includes working with trades, artisans, artists, cabinetmakers; all of my specialist resources, who bring their unique talents to the project.