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Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design

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TWD has had the opportunity to collaborate with many wonderful clients, architects, artists and trades on a variety of residential interior design projects across the Country.  The firm’s priority is to improve each client’s fundamental experience of home.  We create interior design that nurtures the psychological and physical well-being of its’ inhabitants within a visually stand-out environment.  Clients value our special ability to focus on design factors that will make the biggest impact on their enjoyment of their space.
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Terri Weinstein Design, Inc.

Personal Statement


I like to turn things on end and explore less expected options.  I encourage my clients to enjoy living well, find peace in their surroundings, pleasure in beauty and not to accept the ordinary or predictable.  This philosophy directs my interior design work and my life.  My interior designs are full of life, color and intelligence.  

Exceptional Interior Design changes people.  It affects the way we live and makes a difference in our lives.

A well-designed, well-organized home makes everyday activities easier and more efficient. It encourages and improves interaction with family and friends. A comfortable, beautifully designed space inspires people to stay longer and enables them to be more productive. I take great satisfaction in designing spaces that simplify and enhance everyday living by being comfortable, functional, beautiful and personal.

Your home is your portrait. Let me help you paint it.

The interior design of your home tells your story: your lifestyle, values, tastes and preferences. Your interests and hobbies, how you live, work and play, are the basis for our establishing the overall concept for your home. Our conversations help me understand what you want your environment to reveal about you. Taking inspiration from the participants (even the four-legged variety), I'll endow your space with personality, depth and character that reflect you and your family.  The personality of your home design develops as we communicate and begin to know one another.




Light and shadow breathe life into space enhancing color, texture and form. One can virtually "paint" a space with light enhancing everything within the space.  A professional IES and ASID member, my years of study, teaching and experience in photography, architectural lighting and interior design have convinced me that lighting is an essential ingredient of every interior space.  (See the unit on lighting to read more about my experience and philosophy on light.)


Ultimate attention to detail, knowledge of current technology, materials, appliances, fixtures and custom cabinetry, all with an eye to sustainability. (See “Splashy Baths” and “Kitchens That Cook”)


A lifetime of collecting sources and resources, discovering, adopting and adapting new techniques and materials enables me to keep my designs fresh and exciting.

My trusted artisans can accomplish virtually anything we can conjure. Among these gifted professionals are artisans working in wood, glass, concrete, metals and plastics. Exceptional sewing workrooms, stone and tile wizards, outstanding muralists and faux finishers fabricate my custom designs.  Upholstery workrooms can create custom furnishings or re-do existing pieces.  My cane and wicker specialists have accomplished miracles! I know wood finishers who can match any sample or technique. My cabinetmakers are meticulous and my glass artisans can carve, etch, blow and back-paint glass.

Sources that have fabricated my custom designs for wallpaper, rugs, furniture and built-in cabinetry, have consistently exceeded expectations. My list of artists and craftspeople doing fine work or working with materials in unexpected ways is continually updated. After 40 years in the design industry I can recommend excellent general contractors, architects, and trades as needed.  I will be there personally to provide guidance and support throughout every phase of our adventure.

TRAVEL AND SHOPPING are my off-hour passions.

I visit the art and craft fairs seeking new artists and craftspeople. Fresh ideas and “finds” from the world’s antique shows, flea markets and junk yards follow me home. Often they find their ultimate place in your home. These treasures add depth and character to any environment, affording elements  of surprise, whimsy, and imaginative detail. Shopping excursions with clients in the US and Europe have been highly successful. I forward images to clients from my cell phone no matter where I am.


Never satisfied with first solutions, I look for less obvious ways to fulfill client requirements. My passion, energy and general lust for design lead me to re-think my initial ideas. Once I have a practical solution, I revisit and reconsider each interior design choice I've make looking for ways to improve upon it.   Curiosity, creativity, intuition and innovation come into play at this juncture.  I cull sources and resources for interesting and appropriate materials, fixtures, finishes, and furnishings that often suggest an unexplored change in direction. Considerable rethinking and willingness to challenge my own solutions is the catalyst to fusing artistry with functional design.  Clients love the review of options which leads to the best possible solutions by mutual agreement.


While I think of myself as an artist first, I’m adept at managing the business side of a design project, too. Clients are appreciative of my organizational skills and responsiveness to their concerns. My records are accurate and current, making it possible for me to provide easily understood reports promptly. My thorough purchase orders and drawings eliminate the possibility of confusion in my dealings with clients, suppliers and contractors. I am committed to providing clarity in communication so that business doesn't get in the way of creativity.