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Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design
Bathrooms are quite possibly my favorite rooms to design. The potential for creative use of wall and floor covering materials is endless and the bath fixture industry has blossomed over the past decade providing exciting plumbing product to stimulate the imagination. You can buy a toilet that lights up, vibrates and plays music. Who knew?  

I think of my bathroom designs as “haute couture for the bath”.  I dress and bejewel the space using the spectacular offerings of tile, stone, fixtures, faucets, color and lighting currently available in the marketplace.

Today’s bath is no wallflower. They sport open showers with an unlimited selection of sprays directed from walls and ceiling, luxurious bathtubs and tub enclosures (the trend seems to be away from oversized tubs due to water and energy conservation awareness) not to mention (again) those dancing, singing toilets.  The square footage allotted to bathroom use has dramatically increased, and upholstered seating as well as antiques and artwork adorn the spaces. Music, TV, WiFi and heated floors are de rigeur and seamlessly incorporated.

It’s been said by one observer that my bathroom designs are “fit for a king”, with an “unconventional throne”... “It’s hard not to “ahhhh” upon entering.”

Splashy Water Closets: Bathroom Interior Design